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A New Way of Living

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I have news for you... your health is regulating more that you think, more than simply your body.

Your health is extending far beyond the physical it is regulating your Spiritual Energy - what I call Intelligent Infinity.

Living in ultimate health can be much more simple than we think. Well, the process might take a bit of self discipline, creating new habits, letting go of old ways, and even some time investment and sacrifice, but to what end?

Years ago I wondered what all of the fuss about living healthy, being energized, and making good lifestyle choices had to do with me living the way I wanted to and enjoying life.

That was, until I made the more Universal connection.

The connection that my body is a vehicle and instrument that is being used to play my ultimate music. It came from understanding that the healthier, stronger, more clean and fueled by proper nutrition my body is... the more easily and effortlessly my ability to connect to a higher source of energy.

This Intelligent Infinity is the energy that I allow to flow through me, through my decisions, communication, actions, an empowering guided direction in my life. It is the highest form of energy. It is limitless and we all have access to it.

However, the body must be tuned and balanced in proper health to access an even greater level of this energy, to channel it and use it for the creation of good for others and ourselves. It wasn't until I came face to face with mildly serious health challenges a short time ago that jolted me and woke me from my denial and slumber.

I knew something wasn't right. I felt so disconnected from who I knew I was. I felt so far from my center and my power. The brain fog and internal anxiousness were signs to me that I was way out of balance. There was a higher level of living I could have been experiencing. Making immediate changes in my diet and lifestyle was non negotiable.

I took my standards and choices immediately from Good to Excellent in the area of health. This is how you must treat your Health and Vitality. It is directly connected to your Spiritual Energy and your ability to channel that energy into everything you do. How well your body and mind are fueled, directly influences your ability to attract into your life what you want.

When you are at your highest level of health, you feel good. When you feel good you easily broadcast feelings and thoughts of what you desire. When you broadcast those good feelings you are happy. When you are happy the things you desire start to come to you. The opportunities and the people. You have heightened your powers of attraction. This is a cycle that will feed itself over and over again for your overall Happiness and Wellness.

It starts with the body. Your connection to Intelligent Infinity becomes ultra clear and easy when your mind and body are clear, because the instrument is tuned and your music can begin to play.

It is a beautiful process. It takes desire and commitment. And it is worth all to Live the life you always imagined.

Next time you go to make a choice of food or drink, ask "What can I fuel my body and mind with today that will fill me with the energy and clarity to win at all I set out to do?" Use this affirmation: When my body is clear my mind is clear. When my mind is clear I am in Balance. When I am in balance I Create.

Now go make this Way of Living part of you, totally connected to the highest Universal energy imaginable.

LOVE Always


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