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Mental Health Lesson - Energetic Evolution Through Cause and Effect

State #1 Living in Effect:

This energetic orientation can be experienced as difficult, heavy, erratic, burdensome, and complex. It is a frequency based upon highly emotional and energetic reactions to effects (catalysts) and life events. The triggered energies generated from within the person at the time of the event are stacked upon past unresolved wounds. These energies are calibrated in a particular kaleidoscope fashion of colour and geometric alignment, with gray or dimmed areas of which resonate the vibrational flaws or unresolved beliefs, attitudes, and emotions of the self.

Every mind/body/spirit complex embodies a different energetic colour make-up in combination with a mix of dimmed light orientations. The dimmed light represents the areas that have not yet been tuned and balanced; thus, the 'shadow-like' frequency resides within the complex. These frequencies also resonate around certain organ systems where there is a vibrational match or genetic or energetic predisposition. Most human beings are unconscious of their energetic orientation or potential and are thus constantly affected by their environment without change. Events in life repeat themselves with new people and new situations until effective tuning and balancing are achieved. Essentially, living in effect to one’s environment is a form of unconsciousness. It is not self-reflective or forgiving and results in the constant repairing of imbalances in the mind/body/spirit complex field.

This type of energetic orientation can result in depression, anxiety, and other mental health distortions of the mind/body/spirit complex field until the shadow frequencies are brought into alignment.

State #2 Living at Cause:

This energetic orientation has fluidity even in high-pressure catalyst situations. It changes, evolves, and comes into balance in real time, adapting to environments. This is due to its vibrational resonance being receptivity and openness to learn/grow. The kaleidoscope of colours ebbing and aligning seeks out, embraces, and, through alchemical processes, tunes out any dimmed areas that arise within the the mind/body/spirit complex. This process is the result of a receptive, conscious individual who is self-aware, compassionate in nature, forgiving, self-reflecting, and co-creating their own evolution. In this case, the being experiences rapid growth and transformation. Despite the fact that life events are still very challenging, when operating at cause energetically, these beings transform and accelerate faster. Their energetic orientation of light becomes brighter faster as dimmed areas, which no longer resonate, transition out of the complex field quickly.

Between these two states, there is a middle zone where one begins to enter Cause and falls back to Effect. It is an ebb and flow until the scales are tipped enough through experience that total awareness of self and actions propels the being into fully expressed Cause way of being.

By the time the being has embodied the vibrational frequency of fully expressed conscious awareness, the being is living in accordance with their true authenticity. Here, true authenticity is vibrational alignment. At least as much as is possible in the current plane of existence. ❤️✨

In Love and Light of The Infinite One Creator.

En Amor y Luz del Infinito Creador.


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