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A World Separated or Unified? Thinking Makes it So.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

What is a word but simply a label? Created by whom? Someone's thoughts?

Who says what is real and what is right? That my way is right and yours is wrong?

You and I are the creators and choosers of what any and all Events, Circumstances, Words, Claims, Beliefs and Actions mean to us.

Knowing this brings me great humility because I am not all knowing nor am I all right. My energy is not one to judge another, convert, convince, prove, dominate, or defame.

Who will it serve to cast my energy in the direction of already existing judgment and disagreement?

I shall not relinquish my personal power and Way of Being to the games of others. 

Where is the Understanding? Where is the seeking to understand? Who I really am Loves and Accepts ALL. There is no separation. Only thinking creates that void. It Begins with what you Believe.

Let us remember especially in this time on Earth, where media and current events would have you choosing one side or another... Let's remember the Truth... We are the Same underneath it all.

The subatomic particles that make up our Universe reside within us and through their own individual vibrating frequency, connect All. It is only thinking which is the deceptive Illusion that separates us OR Unites us.

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