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Live Your New Way of Being

Hi and Welcome! My name is Brit. I am the creator of NEURONEXA, a brand that represents your personal evolutionary journey on Earth. It is a daily practice and way of living that supports your mental health, emotional development, and relationships.

The brand's purpose is to unify peoples and cultures around the world as ONE Aware community. Through tuning the Mind and Body with proven tools, one’s authentic way of being can emerge. When every human being realizes all that they are and what they can to do to serve the world, unity and awareness will replace separation and fear. Let’s play together this fun game of tuning and balancing our minds and bodies for ultimate collective evolution!

Welcome to your future. NEURONEXA.

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Living Your Authentic Way of Being Begins with Energy

Every single human being has patterns and behaviors that hold them back.   There is a single common thread that has woven together every thought, word, choice, event, and relationship of your life.  That thread of connectivity is Energy.

 As a peak performance professional, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Entrepreneur, Author, and Spiritual Leader, I was inspired to create NEURONEXA as a way of transformation that gets to the core of individual and collective challenges while offering effective and empowering solutions for growth. The solutions bring you back in control of your Mind which directly influences your Body and your Happiness.

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Products & Programs

If you’re feeling stuck, or simply feel like learning something new about yourself, NEURONEXA will be offering several products and programs for learners from all industries and backgrounds. The first is Brittany's book ENERGETIC EVOLUTION - A New Way of Being Coming Soon.



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Visualization Meditations 

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For greater success, self awareness, and for fulfillment in all aspects of life, Millennials, Men, Women, and people of all cultures come to NEURONEXA. Are you ready for the next level of living that is available? It is time to Believe & Begin.

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Ms. Burtz is an Executive and experienced sales leader with a demonstrated history of working in a variety of business sectors including beauty, health, leadership, marketing, education, psychology, and technology. Ms. Burtz is a distinguished professional renowned for her expertise in healthcare-focused positive psychology and global sales. She was instrumental in contributing to a highly successful Anti-Aging & Nutraceutical enterprise with a remarkable $3 billion in gross revenue. Her pioneering sales team training played a pivotal role in generating $800 million in revenue for the company.

 Ms. Burtz is a Co-Founder and Board Member of Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT), CEO and Founder at Universal Tutor, and President of the Educate America Foundation. Additionally, Ms. Burtz has a background in Holistic Health and holds the esteemed title of Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified by The American Board of NLP and Hypnotherapy, emphasizing her commitment to healthcare and well-being. She graduated from The American College of Healthcare Sciences and remains a student of Human Behavior, Neuroscience, Physics and The Arts.



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